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Around half of Americans are trying to lose weight at any given point. But as obesity rates increase, it’s obvious that losing weight is challenging. At CFP Physicians Group in Casselberry, Florida, the team of doctors offers customized weight loss services and address health issues and other obstacles to your success. If you’re ready to lose weight and improve your health, call CFP Physicians Group, or make an appointment online today.

Weight Loss Q & A

How can a doctor help me lose weight?

In theory, losing weight shouldn’t be hard — you just need to create a consistent calorie deficit by using more calories than you consume. But how do you know how many calories you need to lose weight, but also provide your body with everything it needs? What should you do if you have a hormonal issue, like thyroid disease, that interferes with your metabolism?

This is where the doctors at CFP Physicians Group can help. Your doctor provides a comprehensive exam, including blood tests. They identify factors such as your daily calorie burn and health issues that could get in the way of your weight loss success. Your doctor creates a customized weight loss program to meet your specific needs, including meal plans, physical activities, and treatments to address other health issues. 

What should I expect during a weight loss program?

The doctors at CFP Physicians Group are the only practice in Central Florida who partner with Clean Start Weight Loss. Clean Start Weight Loss is a physician-supervised, medically based weight loss program that provides you with the comprehensive support you need to make and maintain the changes necessary for sustained weight loss.

You have weekly appointments with your doctor to monitor your progress and adjust your program as needed. You get to eat real food and learn to change your relationship with food, which makes it easier for you to maintain your weight after you reach your goal. 

The program may include medication, lipotropic injections, and vitamins to help you burn fat and maintain your energy levels. Your doctor is on hand to answer your questions and help you stay on track while you make the necessary changes in your life.

What are the benefits of maintaining a healthy weight?

When you think about losing weight, you might think about being able to wear your favorite jeans or looking great for a special occasion. However, maintaining a healthy weight is much more important than how you look. Being overweight or obese contributes to a wide range of health problems, including:

  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis

Maintaining a healthy weight can improve your overall well being and increase your energy levels, self-esteem, and mood.

Call CFP Physicians Group, or schedule a consultation online today to start your weight loss journey.